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Castle Pointe Mortgage makes everything sound great until you get their disclosuers.They have you pay for the appraisal to them and then conveniently do not send the paperwork until the appraisal is finished.They do not send you the appraisal.

You have to fight for it even though you paid for it. They also add money to the actual cost of that. They sell the mortgage right off and there is no guarantee that the buyer will not require more paperwork or money. They charge more to get a $200,000 loan then it cost for a million.

My advise to people is run like the wind from them. Lending Tree should not have them as part of their buisness.

There are all kinds of bad reviews on the web about this company.

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The appraisal fee goes to a third party vendor, not castle point. Further, mortgage regulations require a customer to mail in a written request for a copy of their appraisal. Once said request is received, a copy of the appraisal is mailed out immediately at no additional charge.

Many customers become angry once they are denied a loan, however, they must realize that the appraisal value is one of the biggest deciding factors of the loan approval process. The Loan officer can only give a pre-approval based on the initial stated estimate given by the borrower. Most customers over-state the estimate of the homes value, and fail to mention there is lien on the house, or other surprises only found later in the loan process.



the people that's recommending people to castle point much be the employees of castle point.I was screwed bad by castle point in february.

when they stated my home had a lien on it after they took alot of my money.They are scammers and I filed a report with the BBB and this company isnt even around anymore now you tell me if that's fishy.

Burkeville, Texas, United States #27181

I used to work at Castle Point Mortgage and I can tell it's not that there predators it's that they don't know what the *** they are doing. The loan officers care about nothing other than making money. They don't know a *** thing about the process and they will tell you that you are approved before your ever even run through the system just to boost their numbers. Then once they actually get your loan into the system they try to avoid any contact with it. Basiclly they got your money and it's going in there pocket so they don't care to deal with you anymore thats why a lot of you never hear from them again. They are there they just have caller ID and aren't answering your calls.

This company is so hard up to take your money that they bend every rule in the book to just quickly get a loan through then sold off to bank before the bank ever realizes that the loan is fraudulent or the borrower is so inept that it's obvious that they could never afford the loan or would be able to pay it.

On top of that the employees are mostly 19-21 year old kids that hired right out of the bars in the area. The turnover rate of employees is higher than McDonalds. So you can expect to be put in the process by a Loan Officer and never hear from him again because he quits that afternoon.

East Palo Alto, California, United States #25813

99 times out of a hundred the company that originates your loan is going to sell it off to one of the major players on the secondary market.None of whom will EVER be able to change the terms of your loan or charge you more money.

Closing costs are based on the risk factor associated with lending the consumer the money, not the size of the loan.

It is based off of the loan to value ratio, debt to income ratio and whether or not you have trainwreck credit.Understand what you are complaining about before you start blabbing away...

Boulder Junction, Wisconsin, United States #15419

I was contacted by Kosta at Castle Point Mortgage right from the beginning he was very honest and informative where other companies were not. I would recommend doing business with this company If you want an honest and helpful experience.

Boulder Junction, Wisconsin, United States #15416

My experience with Castle Point was very professional, Not only did they have the best customer service but they saved me more then 2k a month. I would highly recommend working with Anthony at Castle point. If you want an Honest and helpful experience they are as good as It gets.

Riverview, Michigan, United States #6073

I did business with castle point mortgage and i had nothing but a positive experience every thing was disclosed before i closed people on here just go into things blind and are absolute morons

Auburn, Michigan, United States #3268

You are right.Mortgage brokers and banks charge for everything and by law it should be disclosed before they start work.

If it is not listed in the initial disclosure you don't have to pay for it at closing. But the best thing to do is shop around, they are all the same and sell the loans to a very few buyers. Get your disclosures up front if you are refinancing you should know the tricks.

If you are a new home buyer you paid a reator good money to get you through the deal.make sure they protect you or sue the broker, that will wake em up.

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